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20 - 27 MARCH 2020


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Welcome all loved ones!

The place where a Master has become enlightened has a very special Aura. In that place it can spontaneously happen to a seeker that his heart opens, that he feels lightness and serenity. 

On march 21 1953 the beloved Master Osho became enlightened under a bodhi tree in Jabalpur, India.

Not only Osho but many more saints have meditated in Jabalpur where the holy river Narmada flows. Meher Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Gouraknath Baba ..

What is this energy field of Jabalpur like? If so many enlightened beings have meditated there;

can it trigger our consciousness to rise..?

  Hariprasad Chaurasia live in concert + OSHO meditations

+ moonlight boating + International teachers

+ sound therapy + body work + Chanting + Movie screening 

talks with Osho's first & oldest Sannyasins + live concerts with legendary artists + transport within India, accommodation & food included!

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Hariprasad Chaurasia

A meditative live concert


"The flute is the symbol of spiritual call, the call

of the divine"

He is a very popular and eminent artiste par excellence who is known for his outstanding contribution in popularizing Indian Classical Music all over the world.

The name speaks for itself. He is an exceptional musician of our time and it is a great privilege to experience this living legend live in a meditative concert.

"You ask me: What happened when you became enlightened?
I laughed, a real uproarious laugh.."


osho tree.jpg

"When the dancer disappears and only the dance remains, it is meditation. If the dancer is there then it is only dance, not meditation. When the singer disappears and only the song remains, it is meditation. When the musician is not found and only music remains, then it is meditation.

In fact, the greatest music in the world is nothing but an echo of the inner music.

To the ordinary musician the sound is important. To the master musician the silence is important: he uses sound only to create silence. He raises sound to a high pitch and then drops it so suddenly that you fall into a deep silence. In the East the classical music is absolutely devoted to meditation. It has not forgotten its origin. But the origin must have been thousands of years back. There is no written record about it, so whatever I am saying is according to my inner experience. I have felt it, that I use language also in the same way... words to create moments of wordlessness."


gwarighat 4.jpg

Holy river mother Narmada

We will meditate, chant and practice at the banks of the holy river. Daily thousands of pilgrims come to seek her blessings. Since many centuries saints like Osho, Meher Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru nanak, Kabir, and Gouraknath Baba seek to meditate at her banks. What is it in mother Narmada's aura field that triggers a quantum leap in our spiritual growth?

Let's experience it in this Retreat!

About 60 % of the human body is water

the heart and brain are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.

"If we balance the element water in our body our life is blissful."

Swami Shrila Prem Paras

+ A visit at the university where OSHO taught

"When I became a teacher in the university, the first thing I did—because as I entered the class I saw the girls sitting in this corner, four, five rows just empty in front of me, and the boys sitting in the other corner—I said, "Who am I going to teach—these tables and chairs? And what kind of nonsense is this? Who told you to sit like this? Just get mixed and be in front of me."
They hesitated. They had never heard a teacher tell them to get mixed. I said, "You get mixed immediately; otherwise I am going to report to the vice chancellor that something absolutely unnatural, unpsychological, is happening."



How can we awaken our own energy?

God has given us only one energy. You can call it life force energy, or love energy ..

This energy is in your Root. Your mother and father have created you with their life force energy.

If this energy gets stuck iin the heart it creates possessiveness, if it gets stuck in the third eye, it creates ego ..

All creative people pull their energy from their Root to create beautiful music, beautiful art ..

If we want to reach our Crown, we have only one energy to take us there. Tell me: Can you reach to the moon with a bicycle or with a scooter? We need an immensely powerful rocket to take us there. It means we have to awaken our very own energy to travel from our root to superconsciousness.

Swami Shrila Prem Paras

About Swami Shrila Prem Paras

It is your  birthright to know yourself. When you come closer to an awakened source your energy awakens. You can get a taste of your Soul. You can get a vision of how blissful your life could be and you can realize what your life purpose is. All problems are basically because we don't know ourselves and because we don't trust our energy. A rose is beautiful, a marigold is beautiful, a tulip is beautiful - why do we compare and make ourselves miserable?

The moment when you accept yourself you become natural and your life starts to flow in a natural, peaceful and ecstatic way. There is no wrong or right; when you live in your Soul you simply see what is for you and what doesn't suit you.

Somebody who knows himself is able to show others the way. This is not a question of therapies or techniques, it is a simple presence of knowing. For example: Only somebody who has been to the main train station can guide you there.


Everybody has his very own individual finger print and in the same way everybody has individual doors through which he can go inwards. In this Retreat you will experience your doors, your ways, your Soul ..

Swami Shrila Prem Paras and invites you on this exciting journey to yourself.

This event is brought to you by Ma Prem Rabiya from OSHO Param Meditation Switzerland.


FRI 20.3.

Meeting point at New Delhi Airport *

Transfer New Delhi - Jabalpur

21.00 Dinner together with the Retreat group

22.00 Invocation, Opening session

* inform us about the arrival of your flight. According to that your transfer to jabalpur will be organised through us

SAT 21.3.


06.00 Silent sitting at OSHO's 

          enlightenment tree & let your

          light fly with a fire lantern into

          the open sky

08.00  Live Indian classical music at

           OSHO's enlightenment tree

10.00  Breakfast

12.00  OSHO Chakra Breathing

11.15  OSHO Nadabrahma

12.30  Lunch

18.30  OSHO White Robe Meditation

           with Live music

20.30  Indian classical music live

           concert with legends *

22.00  Dinner

* Artists will be announced soon

SUN 22.3.

03.30  Silent sitting

06.00  Shiv Yoga at OSHO's

           Enlightenment tree

09.00  Breakfast

11.00  OSHO Mandala Meditation

12.15  OSHO Chakra Sounds

13.30  Lunch

18.30  OSHO White Robe Meditation

           with Live music

20.00  Movie screening: Thousand

          shades of Ocean: a

          documentary. In the presence

           of the director Lakshen

          Sucameli & screen writer

           Kamlesh Pandey

22.00  Sharing & Celebration

MON 23.3.

03.30  Silent sitting

06.00  Shiv Yoga

09.00  Breakfast

11.00  Meditation at OSHO's university

13.30  Lunch

18.30  OSHO White Robe Meditation

           with Live music

20.00  Hariprasad Chaurasia - a

          meditative concert  


22.30  Dinner


tue 24.3.

03.30  Silent sitting 

06.00  Shiv Yoga at Chousath Yogini

09.00  Breakfast

11.00  OSHO Laughing drums

12.15  OSHO Nataraj Meditation

13.30  Lunch

18.30  OSHO White Robe Meditation

           with Live music

20.30  Dinner

22.30  Satsang & Sharing

wed 25.3.

03.30  Silent sitting

06.00  Shiv Yoga at the banks of Ma


09.00  Breakfast

11.00  Awaken your inner music:

           Music workshops with different

           artists: Open your voice /

           Become one with your

           instrument / Paint your Rainbow

13.30  Lunch

18.30  OSHO White Robe Meditation

           with Live music

20.30  Dinner

22.00  Om Chanting - Let sound carry

           you to silence

thu 26.3.

03.30 Silent Sitting

06.00 Pranayama & Chanting

08.00  Breakfast

10.00  Kirtan

13.00  Lunch

29.00  Moonlight meditation on the

           boat on the holy river Narmada

22.30  Dinner

fri 27.3.

03.30  Silent Sitting

06.00  Chanting and bodywork at

           Dhuadhar waterfalls

09.00  Breakfast

10.30  Sharing circle & hugging


13.00  Lunch

Afternoon: Transfer Jabalpur - New Delhi *


*  Your transfer to Jabalpur will be organised through us. Please book your Retreat space and as soon as possible. Early bookings will receive a transfer reaching in New Delhi between 19.00 and 22.15 on 27.3.2020.

Chousath Yogini temple

In this temple there are 64 goddesses which are situated in a circle around the heart of the temple. The saint Gouraknath Baba has meditated here for 1200 years and has descended th 112 Meditation techniques of the Vigyan bhairav Tantra. Spiritual Masters like Meher Baba and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have visited this place for meditation.

It is said that you can ask your heart and find the goddess in this temple who is meant for you, who protects and blesses you.

Which one is your goddess?

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Retreat space

722 USD / CHF 700  /  EUR 654

The Retreat price includes

- Retreat & Festival fees

- transfer New Delhi - Jabalpur on 20 march

   and Jabalpur - New Delhi on 27 march

- accommodation with vegetarian full board


10000 Shades of Ocean  flyer.jpg
Osho and Lakshen Sucameli - Pune

Lakshen receiving Sannyas from OSHO

movie screening on march 23


in the presence of the director Lakshen Sucameli

& the story writer Kamlesh Pandey

This documentary covers Osho’s life from his birth to his grandfather’s death; university years, his travels across India to give talks to large audiences; initiating his first orange sannyasins, the creation of his dynamic meditation, his time in Mumbai, the move to Pune in 1974 – the influx of Western seekers, the introduction of therapy as a step to meditation, the knife attack, the energy darshans, – and Osho’s sudden departure to the USA.

Lakshen travelled across Europe and India to interview ‘key’ personalities, asking them questions about their life with Osho.

He has made the impossible possible; to put the life of a man beyond words into pictures.


Screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey



"If you want to enjoy classical Indian music you will have to learn. You cannot just go and enjoy it, it needs a certain preparation in you, it needs a certain receptivity in you. It is not vulgar. It needs a certain understanding in you... a deep understanding of sounds and silence -- because music consists of sound and silence. It is not only sound, it contains silence in it."


Legendary Artists will be announced here soon!



Legends of indian classical music

+ Moonlight boat ride on the holy river with live music +


The beauty of the marble rocks at river Narmada at moonlight are dreamlike. This meditation on the waves of holy river Narmada can take us to different stages of being.

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