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Swami Shrila Prem Paras had his first spiritual experience while climbing up with his guitar to the temple of Mata Vaishnodevi singing a bhajan. That was when he realized that his music had become a medium to connect to the divine. 

In 2003 Swamiji went to Sai Baba's Samadhi in Shirdi. Standing in the queue he composed and chanted spontaneously

"Kuch karo, Darsh do,

hum pe ho, kuch karam"

(Please do something, give your Darshan, your appearance,

please do something, please transform me). standing in front of Shirdi Sai Baba he had his 'Shaktipath'. When he came out of Dwarkamai (the place where Sai Baba lived) he was blessed by Sai baba's Darshan. Sai Baba shook Swamiji's hand just in the place where he always stood when he was still in his physical body. Ten years later, when Swamiji gave his first Satsang, he realized the meaning of this Darshana. That Babaji his shaking his hand as a blessing to start his spiritual work. It was Sai Baba who sent him to Osho.


In 2003 Swamiji played at the Osho Samadhi in Pune the divine sound that descended on him while meditating on Osho's picture. Thereafter on June 13 at the age of 26 he took Sannyas and was named Swami Prem Paras. He did not fill in the Sannyas form at the Meditation center, but he said inside: "Osho if you are a real Master, you can read my mind and I don't need to fill in your form." And in the evening just before the Sannyas celebration Osho's mediums found him in the plaza and came to him. They tipped him on the shoulder and asked him:"Do you want to take Sannyas?" On that day all logic mind dropped.

In the evening after Sannyas he played on his guitar near the German bakery the tune "Yes, I love you" and thousands of birds in the sky sang the rhythm for him and the whole existence became one.

On that day he attained self - realization. All night long he sat at the burning ghat where Osho's body was burnt.

Swami Prem Paras conducts his Sur Khumaris, Concerts and Meditation Workshops worldwide. Through infinite creative Meditation techniques people experience deep Bliss and Peace. In his sessions deep transformation happens, participants experience significant changes in their life and relationships. People report, that their Kundalini awakens while having Tea or a meal with Swami Prem Paras. Meditation happens absolutely effortless, naturally, joyfully. Its all about Love & Celebration!


Swami Prem Paras was the first one to serve bliss unconditionally over the phone, messages, Skype and Facebook live video. People can connect to him without boarders, rules, rituals, fees and experience bliss, peace and transformation where ever they are.

In his Worldwide Facebook Meditation people can go inwards in their absolute privacy and personal freedom. This is WIFI Bliss!

Everybody is welcome to donate for this unconditional cause on this website.

The PARAM Union International, based in Switzerland helps to distribute his work and to make it accessible for everyone who is interested.

Sur Khumari is a creation by Swami Prem Paras in Hindi. "Sur means musical note and khumari is the state between awareness and non-awareness - the state beyond meditation." - Swami Prem Paras

PARAM means in Sanskrit "The Absolute". It refers to the absolute, the highest state of being.

There are teachers, they can teach you techniques, methods or knowledge. Infront of a Master you have to drop all techniques, methods, you have to drop all knowledge. 


"Paramatman" means the higher self which is limitless and not object to change through time or place.​


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