"I am associated with Sri Swami Prem Paras ji since 3 months. Initially I thought that he is a great musician with a lot of spiritual depth , but as days passed I noticed that I was feeling light footed and fresh in his presence ,  some of his meditation sessions were amazing. 

A week ago as usual I gave a visit to Swamiji’s place and was part of a short meditation session.

I was sitting on the chair eyes closed as  soon as he told 

“you are not the body , recognize your real being” my body started loosening and rolled over to the floor , after the session it took me a while to get hold of myself as I was in bliss and my hands and legs were literally frozen because I had let them go completely.

After a while our Music session began we sang for an hour then while I was about to leave and it started , my eyes opened widely and my legs started feeling cold I was excited with lots and lots of energy …. I couldn’t move Swamiji gently took my hands and made me sit on the sofa  I was told to close my eyes ,  after that  I had one of the most intense  spiritual experience of my life. Heavy breathing, longest inhalations and exhalations occurred.

A current of energy flew all through my body was able to see colorful things (very similar to 7 chakras) in space like environment then it was all white light. I was happy, also felt a liitle weird as I didn’t know what was really going on but it was a thrilling time.

After a few minutes (no exact idea as it was like time had seized ) I decided to open my eyes as I had to attend a birthday party but the more I tried to open my eyes , the flow of energy multiplied and the white light started to illuminate more and more , following this my body started to shake on its own with movements in my hips , before it went to an extreme level Swamiji chanted a mantra and I slowly opened my eyes. I sat with my backbone erect for the next 10-15 min without blinking my eyes not even once slowly the energy faded and I became my daily self . Swamiji told It was a rare thing to happen and I am blessed to experience it , and I agreed completely . OM ."

by Nishant, Classical indian Vocalist

Mumbai 8.8.2014




"The first time I met Swamiji was the 14th of December 2013 in Interlaken at the yoga-center. He was playing a concert and I was very touched by his music. The music goes through all parts of your body and it feels like a cleansing. 3 or even 4 hours passed so fast, incredible – you lose the sense of time.
At this time I was not very happy. My relationsship felt apart and I was still not accepting the fact my partner and me will have to go separate ways.
The music consoled me. Even though I doubted that things like this can be true I wanted to experience more.
I felt very depressed the next day and may be body was aching everywhere. But at the same time I knew something good is going on in my body. I just had to let go and trust. So I visited a workshop with Swamiji the 5th of January 2014. Again it was a very nice day with music and immense happiness. At the evening I felt sadness and I was horribly tired – pain all over my body. Next day again I felt miserable.
But then a few days later, suddenly I felt a lightness in my mind and body like I probably felt the last time as I was a child...My heart was opening and my face had no choice than smiling. First time I did not feel as victim – now I started to enjoy.
Of course some days I felt back in misery but it was easier to get up again. And the CD with Swamijis music were helping me through.
I felt open, I got trust in life, that I meet the right persons, that my yoga classes will grow, that I got more work in marketing and it just happened...
I just returned back from another two days workshop and what I experienced there is hardly to describe in words. Nice people, nice energy and a lot of meetings with new meditation techniques. We practized various meditation types and in some of them I felt and saw my soul. I guess so:)
I lived through extreme bliss, silence and power. Afterwards I felt happiness, my eyes and face were shining. Many people cried in the workshops, Swamiji encouraged us to cry to release the sadness. I couldn’t - even I wanted to cry. The more I tried the less my sadness came out...
When we meditated about our inner female and male, suddenly the pain released and I started to cry. I suppose there was a guilt that I was carring since childhood with me. So suddenly I knew this was a disorder between my female and male part. Because of that I could hardly accept my inner male part. I guess this disorder made it hard to love myself.
After this relief I felt even better. And I could experience even more joy. For instance while I was practizing my yoga asanas it felt more intense. The music passed through every cell of my body – and I am convinced it is still healing me...
When many people are sitting in a room, it seems Swamiji preceives every single person, every single soul and he answers to questions people are thinking. He responds without words.
I am full of gratitude for all the experiences I made and I am very curious about more experiences.
I would recommend concerts, workshops and sessions for everyone. Be open and try to become a child again!"
by Sandra, Yoga Instructor and Marketing professional

Interlaken 27.1.2014

"In the last Meditation of the BORN AGAIN Workshop it happened to me. After an intense day with Spiritual Yoga, Chanting and Meditation we entered the final Meditation which is always the Creme de la Creme of Swami Prem Paras' Workshops. Thanks to the work before our minds were now calm and our bodies relaxed, ready to enter Samadhi.
In this last Meditation we lay down with our bodies absolutely still. Swami Prem Paras guided us through each and every body part starting from the feet. He invited us to give Gratitude to each and every little body part. To give our Blessings, to forgive and to ask for forgiving. And to give our Love. Already this part of the Meditation was so touching, nourishing. So simple and so much needed. And tremendously transforming!
After this he opened the silence and he told me to stop doing the translation. And he said: With this energy level right now you can get enlightened in one second. Don't miss it.
Don't postpone it. God is right here right now.
These words shook me inside. And I started praying silently "Oh dear Master, please don't let me miss it. Oh dear Master, please don't let me miss it. Oh dear Master, please don't let me miss it."

I prayed with full urgency, as my Master told me to go inside: Go with full urgency. Nothing is outside. You have been searching outside all your life long and you haven't found. Go inside with full urgency. Like this is your last moment.

And then suddenly it started happening: 
Swami Prem Paras said "Earth kisses Sky and Sky kisses Earth"
And in that moment inside of me like a huge lightning happened: One energy was coming from my Root and one was coming from my Crown and at high speed they exploded into eachother in the middle of my body. It was an explosion of light, so tremendously, heavenly delightful, beyond anything I have ever experienced before.
I saw it happen with my inner eyes and I felt it and I also felt so much delight and Bliss. Inside of me now a tremendous Celebration began, now there was a Celebration happening in each Chakra and my inside was suddenly full of Light!
Now each and every single thing that Swami Prem Paras said, actually happened in my body very very strongly.
"Now your whole energy is going inside.."
"Now your heart is full of Love & Light.."
..and so it happened!
And inside I was dancing and celebrating so close to Swami Prem Paras' Soul which is so innocent, so childlike, so uniquely beautiful..! I almost laughed out loud, tears of divine Bliss and Gratitude rolled down my cheeks, Thank you Swamiji, for not letting me miss it, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you .. infinite Gratitude <3
And Swamiji opened my Crown Chakra! Suddenly all dark myst of uncertainty, doubting thoughts, insecurity und unclarity was gone and in the top region of my head bright light was shining in and out. And at the same time I was one with the trees, the Sky, the Earth, so happy to arrive home, so beautiful to realize that so much Celebration is happening around me..!
All the trees and the grass and the Sky was dancing and celebrating and I was part of it, no more separation through thought or body ..
I was so eager to open my eyes and as I opened them the colours were so heavenly bright and shining and the sun was peeking through the leaves of the trees and the grass was looking so lush and lavish..
There are no words, I have become so unable to speak, unable to create well sounding sentences .. when I speak to people about my experiences I begin to stumble because what I felt can't be put in words..
That day I remained in that state of enlightenment I experienced absolute clarity. Without a doubt, without a question. I carry that clarity into my everyday life.
Since that day when I look inside myself be it with open or with closed eyes I see Light. Before that my inside was rather dark. My Crown Chakra has remained open. It keeps me stronger connected to my Master and he gives me soooo muchhhh protection in my everyday life. I feel less feelings of frustration or depression. More confidence is there, more far-sightedness, more patience. The knowledge, that whatever happens will pass sooner or later and it can't affect me.
And I am very greatful that a deep gratitude has happened to me. Once my Master told me that my path was Devotion.

That time I didn't realize, but now I do. How much I can make myself happy by not being affected by misery. How much I can make myself blissful and peaceful by not worrying.
I should do my Job to be a good Meditator, a good Teacher, a good Person with motherlike qualities..and the rest is up to my Master .."

by Rabiya, Artist & Art teacher

Zurich 6.6.2014


Date 6.5.2011, सुबह के ११.३० बजे हैं | मै कुछ गाने  कंप्यूटर पर प्ले कर रही हु | तभी फोन की रिंग सुनाई दी | देखा तो स्वामी जी का कॉल था | मैंने  गाने  pause  किये, और फ़ोन उठाया | कुछ देर बात करने के बाद all of sudden उन्होंने आँखे बंद करने को और साँसों को देखने के लिए कहा | उनकी आवाज़ के साथ साथ जैसे मैं अपने आप ही फ्लो में आ रही हूँ, कोई जोर देना नहीं पड़ रहा कुछ जो वो कह रहे हैं करने के लिए , बिना किसी effort के, जो स्वामी जी कह रहे है, हो रहा है, अपने आप बस हो रहा है | वो कह रहे हैं और deep जाने के लिए... और deep......... और deep........ | उनके कहने के साथ ही जैसे मै कहीं गहरे और गहरे उतरती जा रही हूँ | कैसे हो रहा है, क्या हो रहा है..... कोई सवाल नहीं | बस हो रहा है | कुछ और ध्यान की क्रिया कराने के बाद उन्होंने कहा की मेरे सभी चक्रों में हमारे प्यारे sadhguru ओशो बैठे हैं, सभी चक्रों में एक एक करके वो बता रहे हैं...  और उनके कहने के साथ साथ ही मै उन्हें देख पा रही हूँ, महसूस कर पा रही हूँ, कुछ भ्रम नहीं कुछ सोची हुई बात नहीं, मै ऐसा देख रही हूँ.....   एहसास हो रहा है की............  कि मै, ओशो, स्वामी जी जैसे एक हो गए हैं......  किसी कि कोई अलग पहचान नहीं..... कोई दूसरा है ही नहीं, मेरा पूरा शरीर जैसे ओशो में बह रहा है.... aaaahhhh.........एक प्रकाश..........  जो देख रही हूँ , महसूस कर रही हूँ उसे कह पाना मेरे लिए बहुत ही मुश्किल हो रहा है... | कैसे कहूं इस एहसास को........  ?? समझ नहीं पा रही हूँ |  अभी स्वामी जी और गहरे उतरने कि लिए कह रहे हैं,  गहरे और गहरे जाती जा रही हूँ... ये अंतर भी ख़तम हो गया है कि मै और गहरे में जा रही  हूँ, या स्वामी जी मुझे ले जा रहे हैं.... तभी ये लगा कि स्वामी जी और मुझे में जैसे अंतर ही नहीं रह गया अब...... समझ नहीं पा रही हूँ कि मै हूँ कि स्वामी जी मै ही बन गए हैं और गहराई में उतर रहे हैं.... !!!


जैसे ही उन्होंने कहा कि ओशो को crown chakra में फील करो, उनके ये कहने के साथ ही जैसे कुछ हुआ........  लग रहा है जैसे ऊपर सिर में जैसे सब खुल गया हो... शिव  जी  को  मेरे सामने ठीक सामने देख रही हूँ .................  हमारे बीच कोई दूरी नहीं.......  कोई भी और बात नहीं......  sab kuch itna transparent..........  आँखे बंद हैं........ खुद को सँभालने कि नाकाम कोशिश कर रही हूँ....... लेकिन नहीं हो पाया और आंसुओ कि धारा  बह निकली........ क्या कहूँ इसे............  कुछ इतना असीम.............इतना खूबसूरत.............. इतना शांत..................  इतना प्रेममय...............  इस अनुभूति को जो कुछ हो रहा है मैं शायद ही बयां कर पाऊँ............ फोन कान में लगा है,  स्वामी जी हँस रहे है......... खूब आशीर्वाद दे रहे हैं.................  उन्हें पता है कि क्या हो रहा है................... बहुत खुश हैं वो मेरे लिए  | यहाँ आंसुओं कि जैसे बाड़ आ गयी है |............ ओशो, शिव जी , मुझमे........ सभी तो स्वामी जी हैं..........  कोई भी अंतर नहीं ............... सभी जगह सभी तो वो खुद ही हैं.................  देख रही हूँ कि वो मै बनके मेरे ही अन्दर गहराइया छु रहे हैं....... ओशो को देखा, सभी चक्रों में देखा तो भी मै स्वामी जी को  ही देख रही हूँ...... ओशो हैं कि स्वामी जी खुद कुछ अंतर नहीं जान रही........... और अब crown chakra में शिव जी  कि अनुभूति तो वहां भी स्वामी जी ही..........  काफी देर ऐसे ही रहने के बाद कुछ बहुत सुन्दर और अद्वितीय पंक्तियाँ बहुत ही भाव में वे गुनगुना रहे हैं जो मेरे लिए एक गहरी प्रार्थना बन रही है.....  " रब्बा मैनु कि पता कि मैं कौन हूँ, जानू तो बस इतना जानू तुझसे ही निकला किस्सा हूँ" | इन पंक्तियों का सत्य सहज ही महसूस कर रही हूँ.......अब  उनके ये पूछने पर की क्या अनुभव हुआ, गहरे धन्यवाद के भाव से धीरे धीरे आँखे खोंलने की कोशिश कर रही हूँ.......

मै किन शब्दों में स्वामी प्रेम परम पारस जी का धन्यवाद दूं, मै नहीं जानती.............. just bow down to your loving feet forever........... and ever and ever....................................

thank you so so much from deep inside my being......................  with so much love n gratitude........................ 



गुरु और ओम की ध्वनि जब भी सुनता हू तो एक तरंग सी उठती है और यह तरंग धीरे धीरे वीना और ढोल नगाड़े का सा स्वरूप लेती है लेकिन अभी तक पता नही कितनी किताबे पढ़ी कितने ब्लॉग्स स्टेटस पढ़े पर ऐसा महसूस ही नही हुआ की सामने वाला जो महसूस कर रहा है वो में भी महसूस करू.... एक दूरी सी बनी रहती थी.... वो दूरी हमेशा रहती थी एक राइटर और रीडर वाली ..... इस बार अलग था सब नया था ऐसा लग रहा था की राइटर और रीडर में ही हू ... दो होने का सवाल ही नही है... नवज थम गयी है सांसो ने भी शोर करना बंद कर दिया है.... जब क्राउन चक्र में जाने को कहा गया तो मैने आदिशक्ति को पाया , निहार रहा हू लगातार .... खुशी की लहर अपने ही अजब से अंदाज़ में सुक्रिया अदा कर रही थी उस आदिशक्ति का , उन गुरु का और मेधा का जो ज़रिया बेन हुए हैऽअप सभी का सुक्रिया यह साक्षात करवाने का............................................. <3

by Sandeep Singla



This is an experience of mine which happened in presence of Swami Prem Paras Ji. The experience of being with Swami Prem Paras Ji can only describe in one very inadequate, misunderstood word "Love". Love not in the form of we all look at it, but Love as in complete compassion. LOVE AS IN COMPLETE SURRENDER...

For me "Lord Shiva" is my life breath. Some how due to my childishness few years back i got disconnected with that energy, the divine vibrations of Shambhoo, and when i met Swami Prem Paras ji i was surprised  that i could feel again the energy of Lord Shiva in him. A Divine energy for which i had been searched for so so long.. Now with blessings of Swami ji and being with his divine presence again feeling connected to the source..i don't know what exactly is this but its just to be felt, cant describe it. ( In starting i thought it was by chance i met him, but later its my feeling that it was not by chance, all situation done by existence.) I was really searched alot, cried alot for to be connect once again, just only once.., but did not know that what should i do for it? I was completely blank. I tried hard. I visited 2 masters personally and had telephonic conversation with few masters as well. but nothing had happened.
Then by the grace of god i feel that my prayer is to be heard by having Swami ji in my life as a friend, as a Master, (as my love, my life- MY SHIV JI...)
From starting i don't know how but i dont believe in doing meditation, i only knew that meditation happens, it cant be done any how. its never works for me to play a cd or just sit  straight and doing meditation. Its just next to impossible for me. But now i came to know that we can not do any thing except pray to god. Else all happens at right time. 
For me Shiv Ji & Swami ji are synonymous. After connected with Swami ji all the time feeling some divine vibrations around me, with me or can say within me all the time. From the very first day to till yet I have been going through with many spiritual experiences.  

From last Two years several times i tried to surrender to Lord Shiva. But every time i failed because of my very effort. What i have learned from past few years is  that, One can not surrender forcefully to any one, not even a Master or God, Actually Surrender happens as a Prayer... This is what i felt,  what i have experienced with Swami Prem Paras Ji.

Surrendered to him in totality

by Prem Meera