21 - 23 MARCH 2020




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     (फीस भुगतान)

For indian residents

(भारतीय निवासियों के लिए)

Please first fill in the form and then proceed to payment. Your seat is booked when your payment is completed.

  (कृपया पहले फॉर्म भरें और फिर भुगतान के लिए आगे बढ़ें। जब आपका भुगतान पूरा हो जाता है तो आपकी सीट बुक हो जाती है।)


Registration charges (पंजीकरण शुल्क)

Festival charge for locals including food but without accommodation: 1500 Rupees only

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित,लेकिन आवास के बिना (स्थानीय लोगों के लिए)

Festival charge including food and stay in carnival dome:                 3000 Rupees only

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित और कार्निवल गुंबद में आवास

Festival charge including food and tent dormitory:                           4500 Rupees only

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित और टेंट छात्रावास में आवास

Festival charge with food and hotel dormitory:                                7000 Rupees only

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित और होटल छात्रावास में आवास

Festival charge with food and hotel room:                                      9000 Rupees only

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित और होटल रूम में आवास

Festival charge with food and room in swiss tent / decent hotel            13000 Rupees only          

त्योहार प्रभार शुल्क - भोजन सहित और बेहतर होटल रूम में आवास

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About Swami Shrila Prem Paras

It is your  birthright to know yourself. When you come closer to an awakened source your energy awakens. You can get a taste of your Soul. You can get a vision of how blissful your life could be and you can realize what your life purpose is. All problems are basically because we don't know ourselves and because we don't trust our energy. A rose is beautiful, a marigold is beautiful, a tulip is beautiful - why do we compare and make ourselves miserable?

The moment when you accept yourself you become natural and your life starts to flow in a natural, peaceful and ecstatic way. There is no wrong or right; when you live in your Soul you simply see what is for you and what doesn't suit you.

Somebody who knows himself is able to show others the way. This is not a question of therapies or techniques, it is a simple presence of knowing. For example: Only somebody who has been to the main train station can guide you there.


Everybody has his very own individual finger print and in the same way everybody has individual doors through which he can go inwards. In this Retreat you will experience your doors, your ways, your Soul ..

Swami Shrila Prem Paras invites you on this exciting journey to yourself.

Lakshen receiving Sannyas from OSHO

movie screening on march 23


in the presence of the director Lakshen Sucameli

& the story writer Kamlesh Pandey

This documentary covers Osho’s life from his birth to his grandfather’s death; university years, his travels across India to give talks to large audiences; initiating his first orange sannyasins, the creation of his dynamic meditation, his time in Mumbai, the move to Pune in 1974 – the influx of Western seekers, the introduction of therapy as a step to meditation, the knife attack, the energy darshans, – and Osho’s sudden departure to the USA.

Lakshen travelled across Europe and India to interview ‘key’ personalities, asking them questions about their life with Osho.

He has made the impossible possible; to put the life of a man beyond words into pictures.

Screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey





Legends of indian classical music

"If you want to enjoy classical Indian music you will have to learn. You cannot just go and enjoy it, it needs a certain preparation in you, it needs a certain receptivity in you. It is not vulgar. It needs a certain understanding in you... a deep understanding of sounds and silence -- because music consists of sound and silence. It is not only sound, it contains silence in it."


Legendary Artists will be announced here soon!

Event design & organisation by Swami Shrila Prem Paras & Ma Prem Rabiya

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